In solidarity with Ukraine!

Donate your cashback points or make a donation to a charity supporting Ukraine. Help with us!

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In solidarity with Ukraine

Now you can help, not burden your home budget! All you need to do is to systematically shop online with Net-Pocket control, and collect one cash return point, you will transfer to a selected organization that will help where it is needed. If you're new here, help now - register! Together we can do more!.

In solidarity with Ukraine - details

For new users:

    ⦁ Register on Net-pocket!

    ⦁ Collect cashback points by shopping with Net-Pocket.

      ⦁ When shopping, use: a plug-in, website or mobile application.

      ⦁ You can find a list of stores here

    ⦁ Transfer the collected points to the selected organization.

👉 Remember! After registering, you will get a gift from Net-Pocket – 3345 points on START. If you want to hand them over to the organization right away - click the button „Support” and donate points. They will be approved when fulfilled terms of the promotion.

⭐ If you would like to speed up the approval process - support the organization via Paypal for min. $ 4 - then 3345 START points transferred previously will be approved immediately.

Already a member of the Net-Pocket community?:

    ⦁ Systematically use Net-Pocket while shopping, and transfer the collected cashback points to the organization by clicking on the button „Support”.

    ⦁ If you lack cashback points for purchases and you want to support organizations right away - purchase points via Paypal by clicking on the button „Support” and selecting Paypal options.

Who is the Action addressed to

⦁ The "Solidarity with Ukraine" campaign is valid until further notice.

⦁ By donating cashback points to the organization, the user waives the right to receive the reward.

The organizer of the Promotional Campaign is Patronad Sp. z o.o. based in Warsaw. Detailed rules for obtaining Points and their exchange for Awards, including cashback, are described in Rules. The Scored Activity is the purchase of the Partner's goods or services through one of the online stores indicated in the tab shops provided, in total, (i) payment to the Partner of the full price of the purchased goods or service, (ii) receipt by the Organizer, via a Plug or Mobile Application, of the Partner's confirmation of the Scored Activity, (iii) receipt by the Organizer via Plugs or Mobile Application, confirmed by the Partner information about the expiry of the withdrawal period or termination for any reason of the contract regarding the purchase of the Partner's goods or service. Correct calculation of Points requires, in particular, a purchase via a mobile application or a browser meeting the Technical Requirements, with an installed Plug, after prior approval of the Regulations. The list of online stores participating in the Promotional Campaign may change during the Promotion Campaign, but this does not deprive you of the right to receive Points for transactions made in which the online store was indicated on the list available on here. This material is a public promise by the Organizer. Other content not covered by this public promise is for information purposes only and does not constitute a promise or offer within the meaning of the provisions of the Civil Code.