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15 PLN for a good start for every new Net-Pocket user! But what exactly is Net-Pocket? It's a cashback service that allows you to get back some of the money you spend online. Do you shop online? That's great! All you have to do is download the plug-in or app, shop, and the money will be returned to your account. In addition, now you'll get cash back to get started - register and you'll get 3345 points, which are the equivalent of 15 PLN.

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How it works?


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Create your Net-Pocket account. Choose the most convenient registration method for you from the 4 possible.


Make your first purchase!

Select your favorite store from the list of stores and do your first shopping using the Net-Pocket plug-in, service, or mobile app.


Pay for your order.

Pay online for products at the selected store.


Enjoy the extra cash from cashback!

Within 3 days after purchase, the cashback will hit your account!


About us

Net-Pocket is an online service that gives you the opportunity to earn cashback for purchases you make online. On Net-Pocket you will find more than 1,200 stores including, for example, Allegro, Aliexpress, Media Markt, Zalando Lounge, and many more! The best part is that you decide for yourself how you want to spend the cashback you get. You can: withdraw the earned cashback to your account (bank or PayPal), donate to a charity, or appreciate your favorite Creator.


What are we profiting from?

The whole process of receiving cashback by the user is extremely simple! Our service works with certain stores, which, in exchange for purchases on their site, donate a certain percentage of sales to Net-Pocket. When the money comes to us, the said cashback is automatically transferred to the user who made the purchases. What's more, the percentage the user receives after making purchases is always clearly defined.

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Show that you appreciate - cashback for your favorite Creator!

Who among us doesn't like to be appreciated? Without a doubt, the feeling of support and approval is something everyone would like to experience. That's why our users can decide for themselves whether a specific Creator deserves their support! If you decide that a specific Creator (Artist, Youtuber, or influencer) or his work is close to your heart, you can easily donate your cashback toward his development. By appreciating valuable content, you have an impact on shaping the Internet - and it's a great way to do it.


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