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Sign up for an account and enjoy all the possibilities Net-Pocket has to offer! Are you a user? That's great, because for both new and existing users we have prepared a referral program where you can get big cash!


Refer & Earn

Generate your referral link and share it with your friends! Or maybe your social media accounts are being followed by quite a lot of people? Perfect! Share your link with others and earn effortlessly!


How it works?

Did you share your link? Now people who registered from it can do their daily shopping through Net-Pocket. If they spend 100 PLN on purchases - each time for three months, you will receive 100 PLN to your account! Exactly the same amount will be raked in if they collect 5000 points.


Get the cash – no limits!

Did you know that the more people register and shop from your link, the more you earn? There is no limit to earning through referrals!

How it works?

Do you shop online? Great, because we want to give you back some of the money you spent! And on top of that - we will reward anyone who participates in our referral program! How does it work? Register on Net-Pocket and generate your link, and anyone who registers from it and makes three purchases for min. 100 PLN in any three months or earns 5,000 cashback points for purchases will make an extra hundred in your account! Simple? Simple!

That's not all! Not only you gain, but also your friend! For registering from your link they will get, up to 20 PLN to start!

The course of the Promotion on the example of Kate and Tom
  • Tom wanted to find a way to get some of his money back from online purchases. He learned about cashback and set up a Net-Pocket account.
  • Tom received information about Net-Pocket's latest referral program: £100 for a referral! He immediately generated his link and spread it among his friends. He also shared it on his social media account.
  • Kate registered from Tom's link and got 20 PLN to start!
  • Kate shopped for 100 PLN - in January, February and March. It only took three months for her to rake in a decent cashback, and Tom? Tomek got PLN 100 from us for her Net-Pocket activity!

Terms and conditions of the Promotion "PLN 100 for a referral"

  1. General provisions:
    1. Promotion name: "Referral program - 100 PLN for referral".
    2. The organizer of the promotion is Patronad Sp. z o.o. with its seat in Warsaw, Londyńska 25 Street, 03-921 Warsaw, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, XIV Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the number 0000866743, NIP 1133022863, REGON 387513455, with the share capital of PLN 46,100.
  2. Course of the Promotion "100 PLN for a referral"
    1. Copy your referral link.
    2. Forward the copied link to your friend to whom you want to recommend Net-Pocket.
    3. Your friend to whom you have referred Net-Pocket should properly register with Net-Pocket through your referral link.
    4. Your friend should make 3 purchases using Net-Pocket with a financial value of min. 100 PLN in any 3 months within 12 months from the date of registration or collect 5000 Cashback Points for purchases using Net-Pocket.
    5. If your friend meets one of the conditions - you get £100 for the referral to your Net-Pocket account in the form of 25,000 Cashback Points.
  3. Prizes provided for participants of the Promotion
    1. Each qualified Net-Pocket participant who meets the terms and conditions of the Promotion will receive 25,000 accrued Cashback Points to his or her Net-Pocket cashback account. The Cashback Points received will entitle the participant to exchange Cashback Points, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. Specifically, the accrued Cashback Points will enable the Promotion Participant to withdraw cash or receive an in-kind prize offered by the Promotion Organizer with a value of PLN 100, which according to the average exchange rate published by the National Bank of Poland on the day before the start of the Promotion, i.e. 6.04.2022, is equivalent to 106.50 PLN.
    2. Participants of the "100 PLN for referral" program will receive promotional accrued Cashback Points to their account immediately after all conditions of the Promotion are fulfilled.
  4. General Terms and Conditions of the Promotion
    1. Promotion "100 PLN for referral" is valid until further notice.
    2. The "100 PLN for referral" promotion available on Net-Pocket is aimed at Net-Pocket users who have properly created an account and have full legal capacity.
    3. These terms and conditions of the Promotion constitute a public promise of the Organizer. Other contents not covered by this public promise are for information purposes only and do not constitute a promise or an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code.
    4. To the extent that these terms and conditions of the Promotion do not provide otherwise, the rules for earning Points and redeeming them for Rewards, including cashback, as described in the Terms and Conditions of Net-Pocket shall apply.
    5. The correct accrual of Cashback Points requires, in particular, that a purchase be made using the installed Plugin or via the link
    6. This Promotion "100 PLN for referral" does not combine with other Promotional Actions.
    7. The list of online stores participating in the Promotion Action may change during the Promotion Action, but this does not deprive you of eligibility to receive Points for transactions made no later than the end of the day on which the online store in question remained indicated on the list available here.
    8. We are constantly working to improve our "100 PLN for Referral" Promotion, so we reserve the right to change the terms of the Referral Promotion at any time without prior notice.
  5. Prohibited acts
    1. It is forbidden to use Net-Pocket's and our partners' brands in the domains of the websites used to gain traffic for the Referral Program. It is also prohibited to develop mobile applications, add-ons, on behalf of Net-Pocket and to use the Net-Pocket logo. The use of pages from Net-Pocket's website in third-party mobile applications is also prohibited.
    2. It is forbidden to send mass messages on social media, groups and forums dedicated to the stores of individual partners, as well as to use contextual advertising, mailing campaigns and any other activities that may be considered spam used to share your reference link.
    3. It is forbidden to create new accounts using your own referral link in order to receive the bonus. This is considered registration of fake accounts in the referral program.

Detailed rules for obtaining Points and their exchange for Rewards, including cashback, are described in the Terms and Conditions of Service. The Pointed Activity is the purchase of an Affiliate's goods or services through one of the online stores indicated in the tab Save money provided that, collectively, (i) the full price of the purchased goods or services is paid to the Affiliate, (ii) the Organizer receives, through the Plug-in or Mobile Application, information confirmed by the Affiliate that the Pointed Action has been performed, (iii) the Organizer receives, through the Plug-in or Mobile Application, information confirmed by the Affiliate that the time limit for withdrawal or termination for any reason of the agreement for the purchase of the Affiliate's goods or services has expired. Proper accrual of Points requires, in particular, making a purchase through a mobile application or browser that meets the Technical Requirements, with the Plugin installed, after prior acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. The list of online stores participating in the Promotional Campaign may change during the term of the Promotional Campaign, but this does not deprive the entitlement to receive Points for transactions made in which a given online store remained indicated in the list available here. This material constitutes a public promise by the Organizer. Other contents not covered by this public promise are for informational purposes only and do not constitute a promise or an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code.