Best practices for cashback accrual

  1. Read the terms and conditions of the store
  2. If you are interested in buying from one of our partners' stores, we encourage you to read the terms and conditions. Just select a given store from the list and click on its banner. A transition page will open, where you will find information on the cashback rates of the store in question. Find out how much you can save!


  3. Disable AdBlock and competing plugins
  4. Disabling AdBlock and other plug-ins makes it easier to calculate cashback correctly. Using several plug-ins at the same time can disrupt our platform, which can result in your transaction getting lost. Fully rely on Net-Pocket for your purchases!


  5. Use the same tab in your browser
  6. When shopping with cashback, you must use the same card that you opened when you clicked on the "Start Saving" icon on our site all the time. Closing it before completing your order, or switching to another card while shopping, will result in the loss of cashback.


  7. Install our plugin and mobile app.
  8. We want shopping on Net-Pocket to be as easy as going to the store to buy rolls :) That's why we are constantly trying to improve our plug-in for browsers and mobile application for phones. When shopping with the plugin, it is not necessary to visit the homepage. Just activate the cashback using the "Activate" button, and the plug-in itself will inform us about the successful activation! Pin the Net-pocket plug-in, the pinned plug-in will make it easier for you to make purchases with cashback


  9. What else is worth paying attention to when shopping with Net-Pocket?
    1. Remember to log in to your Net-pocket account before purchasing. You can do this either through the plug-in, the app or the Net-pocket portal.
    2. If you are not sure if the cashback is being calculated correctly - go to our partner's website again via Net-Pocket.
    3. One browser session should not last more than an hour.
    4. If you often lose cashback on one particular device or browser, then try from a different device/browser.
    5. Dla jak najlepszych doświadczeń rekomendujemy korzystanie z przeglądarki Google Chrome lub Mozilla Firefox w trybie incognito podczas zakupów.