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Register on our website and download the free plugin. You will immediately see which stores offer you cashback and what the individual offers are.


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During your next online shopping, you will receive the specified cashback in your account. Use it as soon as it is counted for voting, or withdraw it into your account as soon as the possibility of returning the purchase expires.


Use your cashback

You can save your cashback and transfer it into your bank account or use it to vote for your favorite creator - vote for him/her directly on the website where they create.


Appreciate the creators on the Internet

Your vote is appreciating your favorite creators, artists and influencers. By voting, you will support the development of valuable channels.

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Are you looking for jewelry, the best beauty products or new sports shoes? We will let you save on each of these purchases! Net-Pocket has a partnership with a network of over 1,500 online stores. Register on our website and get a percentage return on each transaction that you make. Download our plugin and application, which will give you instant information on stores offering the highest cashback. While searching for the selected service or product in the browser or, you will immediately see which store provides the most advantageous offer. Never before has shopping been so fun - and so economical.


Support creators

Use the cashback you receive to appreciate valuable creators! Do you have an educator, artist or influencer that you really like? Click vote and let him/her stand out from other online personalities, then watch him climb the Creators Ranking. From now on, you have a real influence on the shaping of the Internet! Do you think he/she deserves much more attention and a chance to develop his/her channel?

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