Nanny Needed

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    'Wow!! WTAF?!? JUST WOW!!!!... OMG did the hairs on the end of my arms raise!! My heart was absolutely pounding throughout and I was on the edge of my seat... Do not even attempt to start this until you have cleared your schedule...!!!' Bookworm86When Sarah Larsen answers the Bird family's advertisement, her life changes overnight.The job seems like a dream come true: nannying in a glamorous penthouse apartment with a salary that adds several zeroes to her income.Sarah signs the contract binding her to complete secrecy without a second thought. These are important people, after all - they can't be too careful about who they let into their home.All is well until events in Sarah's life begin to take a sinister turn and the trail leads back to the Birds. She soon realises there's something very strange about the family.But by then, is it too late for her?A completely gripping psychological thriller from the author of the number one bestseller The Stepdaughter. Perfect for fans of The Nanny, The Couple Next Door and The Family Upstairs.Readers are loving Nanny Needed:'Woah!... This is so freaking fast paced and the unexpected twists have you in a whirlwind. I can honestly say I never bloody guessed a single one! DAMN!!!' Goodreads reviewer'Ummmm WHAT?! Wow, you guys... [it] totally blew away any expectations I had, and I absolutely loved it!... I think I spent the last 40 minutes of the audiobook with my mouth hanging open.' A Bookworm With Wine'I literally (get it?) FLEW through this book!... All of my theorizing did zilch to prepare me for the crazy bombs that dropped one after another.' Goodreads reviewer'I would highly recommend this book to... anyone with a pulse. Is that you?... This book will stay with you long after you've finished it, and in the most delicious way.' Goodreads reviewer'Wow! ... A total thrill ride from page one... I couldn't put down this fast paced nail biting thriller!... Full of sinister and surprising twists from start to finish.' Goodreads reviewer'Wow...!... I caught myself holding my breath more than once, genuinely worried about what would happen next... a breathless read.' Goodreads reviewer'Unlike anything I've ever read before, this gasp-out-loud thriller left my head spinning and I haven't been able to stop thinking/talking about it.' Goodreads reviewer'Impossible to put down!... will literally have your jaw dropping as the revelations play out. Super read!' Carla Kovach'Had me hooked from the first... atmospheric with twists and turns and I absolutely loved it.' Goodreads reviewer'Brilliantly dark... kept me on my toes.' The Westcountry Bumpkin Bookworm

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