Adventures of Hop-Along: A Trip to the North Pole

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    Hop-Along the Red Nosed Easter Bunny is continuing his adventure in the second book to the North Pole, visiting his new friends Mr. & Mrs. Santa, Snarf the reindeer and many others. This book is dedicated to my nieces Jessica, Rebecca and to my nephew Sean. Thank you for allowing Hop-Along into your world and believing. I love you! The character Hop-Along is an adorable Easter bunny that was born with one small, deformed paw which causes him to lose his balance often when he hops. Because of this he is often made fun of by his fellow rabbits. However, despite his deformity it does not stop him from doing and achieving anything he is determined to do. He is determined, loveable, friendly, compassionate, and always energetic with a desire to help others. This story is based on a character "Hop-Along" I created many years ago. I created this magical creature which originally was more like an invisible elf who had "connections" to both the Easter bunny and Santa Claus. My two young nieces and nephew who were ages 8, 6 and 4 at the time, were the receivers of the love of this invisible elf, who would magically leave letters of encouragement of their achievements, struggles, and etc. under their bedroom doors. They kept on reminding them that, just like Santa Claus, Hop-Along also knew if they were being good or not. They would get letters at Easter and Christmas, which would always "magically" appear. I would write long funny letters about Hop-Alongs' crazy adventures with Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. This eventually led to a special phone call from Hop-Along to the kids. I disguised my voice with a computer program to sound like a ‘Chipmunk’ from a TV show. And on one Christmas Eve, they discovered a tin-full of homemade cookies and a letter from Hop-Along, which also ‘magically’ appeared on their doorstep. After 4 years, the children had grown to know the true identity of Hop-Along. It was their aunt who loved them very much, wanted them to be happy during challenging times, and believed that they were watched over and loved by many people. I would like to express my gratitude to the illustrator, Sungeun, for the awesome work. I love how the characters’ faces are expressive, and their bodies are adorable and fluffy! I hope you and your kids enjoy this story, as well as more adventures to follow!

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